Powering Up Event Marketing Collateral

In the ever-challenging world of business, companies can no longer rely on merely one channel of marketing when it comes to engaging consumers with their brand. Although the digital realm of marketing has increased substantially in recent years, however print marketing continues to be the chosen medium when it comes …

Content Marketing

Bing Increase Number of URLs Webmasters Can Submit

Bing increase in the number of URLs webmasters can submit to Bing to get their content crawled and indexed immediately. Webmasters should be able to see revised limit for their site on Bing webmaster tools portal (Submit URLs option) or by using the Get URL submission quota API.  Bing Blog and… We believe …

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Acquiring Customers with Facebook Ad Sequences

Amanda explains why the challenges marketers face in 2019 can create opportunities to lower their ad spend. You’ll also discover how to sequence Facebook ads to reflect the customer journey. What Is a Facebook Ad Sequence? It’s all about asking people for an email address or asking them to sign …

Best Booking Sites in 2018

Booking.com Gobibo Agoda Expedia In its annual round-up STAAH, a leading cloud-based platform that helps hoteliers acquire more guests online has revealed the top booking channels for hotels. The results are based on more than 12.9 million room nights that were processed on STAAH’s channel management platform in 2018 for …

Artificial Intelligence

Visibility of Misinformation Videos on YouTube to be Reduced

YouTube is adjusting its recommendation engine in an effort to lower the reach of videos that misinform users. This type of content cannot be outright removed since it doesn’t quite violate YouTube’s community guidelines. YouTube will instead reduce the visibility of borderline content by not displaying the videos as recommendations. …

Content Marketing

Hotel Marketing Trends

Content marketing is an important marketing strategy, giving hoteliers the possibility to create engaging marketing content, reach their target audiences and show hotel facilities to guests and prospective customers. Content marketing in hotel industry becomes more valuable with the rise of Airbnb. Today, plenty of holidaymakers are choosing to stay …

Using data responsibly doesn’t have to weaken marketing strategies

Data privacy is, as it should be, high on the minds of tech companies and the public at large. Unfor


Thanksgiving 2018 Logos From Google, Yahoo & Bing

On Thanksgiving day today in the United States Google, Yahoo and Bing all have special logos or them

This Week in Hospitality Digital Marketing Live Show 127

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

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How to Use Facebook Ads to Enhance Direct Mail Campaigns

Do you want to reach people based on their physical addresses? Have you considered combining Face