Powering Up Event Marketing Collateral

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In the ever-challenging world of business, companies can no longer rely on merely one channel of marketing when it comes to engaging consumers with their brand. Although the digital realm of marketing has increased substantially in recent years, however print marketing continues to be the chosen medium when it comes to engaging consumers with a brand. Admittedly, online marketing allows for businesses to reach a broader market, however it lacks the element of tangibility which only the print medium can provide. The physical form of flyers, brochures and other such marketing tools continue to have an advantage over their digital counterparts which are dismissive and temporary, especially when it comes to events.

Further to this, when it comes to printed marketing collateral for events such as seminars, symposiums and conferences, the modern print design utilizes superior printing technology and materials which result in high quality marketing mediums. This inevitably supports the business’ primary advertising message to consumers and can be a stepping stone towards conversion into sales. In accordance with this, this article highlights key print formats which can be utilised at events to engage participants and potentially convert them into consumers of the product and/or service.

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